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Our Services


Guardian Helicopters Inc. services to the forestry industry continue to promote sustainable forest management and forest protection. Operations support silviculture programs and provide for environmentally friendly harvesting of timber. Helicopter support to forest management includes tree planting and fire suppression activities. Specialized forestry applications include aerial ignition, infrared scanning, cone collection, GPS and video mapping.


Oil & Gas

Guardian Helicopters Inc. provides helicopter support to geophysical exploration programs in search of oil and gas. Helicopters move seismic recording equipment, crews, and drill rigs. Guardian Helicopters is also active in the planning, construction, and operational phases of oil and gas pipelines including stand-by operations for emergency response.



Guardian Helicopters Inc. provides helicopter aerial lift for the construction industry. Our fleet of helicopters provides varied capacities from light to medium lift. Our precision longline pilots play a key role in the success of aerial lift operations throughout the world. 

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Guardian Helicopters Inc. provides helicopter support to grassroots mineral exploration programs in some of Canada's most remote areas. We fly exploration geologists, geophysical surveys, transport mineral samples, move drilling equipment, fly airborne geophysics platform and support field camps for the mining industry.



Guardian Helicopters Inc. provides remote area access for environmental programs, hydrometric surveys, geotechnical and engineering studies as well as aerial construction for power generation and transmission projects. Remote communications facilities are built, maintained, and resupplied using our helicopters.

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Guardian Helicopters Inc. provides helicopter support to internationally for aerial application needs. Our pilots are skilled and licensed in both fungicide and pesticide work to ensure a safe and healthy aerial spraying culture is practiced. Guardian is equipped with digital GIS mapping services and multiple aircraft outfitted with spray systems capable of applying consistent chemical work across thousands of acres daily.


Aerial Filming

Aerial filming and photography provide breathtaking and high-quality imagery for filming and photography productions across Canada. Our pilots understand the demands of the cinematic industry, and can exceed your expectations with top-tier aerial filming or photography.




Guardian Helicopters Inc. is able to locate helicopters worldwide to assist in emergency response relief including movement of first responders, equipment supplies and materials to natural disaster areas. Our crew is here to help in any emergency situation including fires, search  & rescue, and any other disaster relief effort needed.

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