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Guardian Helicopters Inc. is committed to ensuring that safety is our highest priority at all levels of our operation. As a safety based business, our culture is founded on the principles of continuous training, open communication, vigilance, prevention,  and accountability. The health and safety of our employees and passengers, as well as the protection of the environment and our customers' assets, are our highest priority. 


Safety Performance

The safety record for Guardian Helicopters Inc. is a testament to our comprehensive safety and training programs. Recognized by various programs such as the Alberta Provincial Government's "Certificate of Recognition," we have years of experience and thousands of flight hours. As a leader in development & design of safety management standards, Guardian Helicopters Inc. encourages safety and technical audits. We view technical audits as an excellent method of evaluating safety standards and performance.


Safety Program

Designed to heighten safety awareness and environmental protection, Guardian Helicopters Inc. safety programs provide operational policies, guidelines and standards for both air and ground operations. A commitment to safety by our leadership team is the driving force behind a proactive safety culture. Safety programs are administered at the leadership level providing each division with the experience and authority to administer company safety programs effectively.


Safety Management System

The Guardian Helicopters Inc. Safety Management Systems is the core of the operational processes. All training modules within the Safety Management System are individually designed for Management, Office Staff, Pilots, and Engineers. Detailed tracking of our employee's training records ensure our staff have the most current and up-to-date protocols and information avaliable. All employees have access to their specific modules through the employee portal.


With 30 years experience  and thousands of flight hours logged, Guardian Helicopters Inc. is a the leader in developing and maintaining safety management standards. 

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